Who am I


anja medau

I’m Anja from Berlin. Yogateacher since 2005 and Crossfit-fan since 2011.

The whole issue of sports, health, fitness and movement was already with me since I was born as my Mom is a gymnastics teacher.

Even though I decided to become a journalist and communications specialist – movement and sports was always my second passion.  Still at university I started teaching aerobics, step, strech- and relax classes as well as bodyconditioning in various gyms in Berlin, I got  fitness degrees as Body Mind Trainer, Aqua Instructor and Aerobics Instructor.

In 2000 I started to get deeply interested in Yoga, travelled the world to learn from teachers such as Jivamukti founders Sharon Gannon and David Life in New York, Richard Freeman in Bolder, Rodney Yee, Oakland as well as teachers in India, Australia and Bali.
In 2004 I studied „Participatory Performing Arts and Somatic Research“  at the  „Moving On Center“ in Oakland, California and got a degree as „Somatic Massage Therapist“ (CMTSE).
In 2005 I topped it off with my Jivamukti Yoga Teacher Cert in New York and am teaching Yoga since then.I started as one of the first Jivamukti Yoga Teachers in Berlin in a little hairdresser salon. When it closed, it turned into my little Yoga studio at night….. ;)…read more here.
For me right now Crossfit and Yoga are the perfect combination. As I am a kitesurfer I also love working with Surfers, Kiters and other watersports addicts.Looking forward to going on this journey with you!
Let’s, go!