No Snatch without Stretch – how to increase flexibility

doyourpractiseFound a great Article in CrossFit Journal today I want to share with you. It outlines that flexibility can be achieved by everyone. Frequent practise is the key. Working on patience, dropping and surrender to lenghen and stretch. A hard one for crossfitters….. I know…..
OM! 😉
CrossFit Journal Article Reprint. First Published in CrossFit Journal Issue 41 – January 200 , Author: Roger Harrell

Stretching and Flexibility
Gaining flexibility is primarily about discipline. Itrequires neither great pain nor specialized knowledgeof particular tricks. The primary key to gaining flexibilityis simply to stretch often. If you do not stretch, or do so only sporadically, your gains in flexibility will be limited.
To improve your flexibility, you should stretch at least once a day, and, if possible, multiple times per day. Stretching is also a long-term commitment and must be continuedindefinitely to maintain and/or increase flexibility.
Flexibility is not something that automatically comeswith strength training. On the contrary, strength training without stretching can lead to dramatic reduction in flexibility. Inmany cases, when taken to the extreme, such a lack of flexibility will result in loss of“normal” function, not to mention loss ofhigh-performance function so important
to athletes.
Making significant increases in flexibility will bring marked improvement in performance. Larger ranges of motion
(ROM) will allow for longer periods of applied force, improvement in technique, increases in biomechanical advantages,
and reduction in joint strain.
When to stretch
Some light stretching and an active warm-up should beundertaken before working out to prepare for activity,
but stretching immediately following a workout will have significantly greater impact on flexibility. After a
workout, muscles are warm and fatigued. This state allows for greater ROM, which helps ensure that muscles are actually being stretched in a relaxed staterather than fighting against contracted muscle fibers.
The time of day for stretching is less important than its timing relative to a workout, but it does have an impact.

Read more here and find some exercises:


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