Karma, baby! – it’s about Teamspirit!

youandiDepending on what Box you go to to do Crossfit, it always has a different vibe. Some boxes are more competitive, some are more about just having fun. That spirit depends on the people that go to this Box. So the community creates the spirit. Think about this in your next Crossfit Session.

Some  Crossfitters cheer up and boost their remaining Sports Colleagues, who are still trying to finish their WOD. Others leave the floor to chat or do another round of situps while others are still trying to finish. A good yoga exercise is to share, open up and see the context you are in – feel that you are not alone and not doing this only for yourself, but for your team. Work on your Karma to push your training-buddy rather than just pushing your own Ego. Yoga is about overcoming your Ego. Working not only on your physical strengh but building inner strengh. Listen to silence and finding your inner voice coming from a loving, not just a competitive place. And share this foundation to make not yourself but also others smile. With this you can change much more than just your body. Not just in Yoga, also in Crossfit – and even in life.


Nice little article by Pietro about it:


And this one too! 😉



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